By Ian Graves

After the last few years of scarfing down sub-par burgers, I have finally found the best American Burger in Ann Arbor.  Nestled a few buildings down from the Jimmy John’s on State Street (yes, there are relevant restaurants on that street), Hunter House is pumping out the best sliders around.  Before I sufficiently proclaim my love for this place I must make one exception.  Frita Batidos also produces a miracle between two buns, but for this argument I am specifically talking about classic American style burgers, so I am leaving that restaurant out.  

Here is why Hunter House is the best around:

A good burger is a juicy burger.

When I order a burger, the biggest mistake I find is one that is too dry.  The fat in ground beef provides a lot of the flavor in a burger so losing any of those great juices ruins the whole experience of eating a hamburger.  I want to have the juices run down my fingers and gullet when I have a burger.  A minimum of three napkins is needed in order to effectively partake in burger consumption.  Sometimes fry cooks decide it's a great idea to pummel a burger into a flat mess, thus draining it of its amazing juices (I’m looking at you Blimpy), but Hunter House nails this aspect and it is safe to say I use around five of their ½ ply napkins whenever I eat there.

Meat to Cheese Ratio.

To all those who suffer from lactose intolerance I express my condolences, but cheese on a burger is an absolute must.  What makes Hunter House great is that they have a perfect meat to cheese ratio.  I always get the double cheeseburger, which properly allows you to taste the  delicious meat along with the gooey cheese that permeates the burger from top to bottom bun.  It’s not so cheesy that you think you’ve misplaced the meat, but enough to accurately be described as a cheeseburger.

Sliders are Awesome.

One counter argument to Hunter House is that a slider is too small and therefore not big enough to contend with the Five Guys and Burgerfi burgers of the world.  In this case, however, the size of the Hunter House slider is a great way to satisfy the 1-2am Friday night food craving without having the 9am regret after eating two slices of Backroom, half a Pancheros burrito, some Burgerfi fries and three insomnia white chocolate macadamia nut cookies.  And at a price of ~$3 a burger, the sliders won’t break the bank either.

Grilled Onions are Required.

Hunter House offers an assortment of goodies to add to a burger  (fried egg and extra cheese to name a few), but you know they know their stuff when they put grilled onions on the sliders.  These onions come with the burger because Hunter House understands how integral they are for a complete hamburger experience.  What is the best way to capture all the leftover juices of a burger in a semi-sweet, crunchy, and oniony receptacle? Grilled Onions.  Something so simple, but often overlooked by most of the burger joints in this town.

There you have it, a perfect summary of why Hunter House is THE burger of Ann Arbor, and why three double cheeseburgers have been harmed in the making of this article.