By Danielle Colburn

The wonderful world of Pinterest has expanded my library of recipes. Being in the midst of the holiday season, I have been thinking of a couple hits from Parties of Holidays Past. One of my personal favorites is crockpot hot chocolate. (I am a hot chocolate fiend.) If you’re not into deliciously creamy, warm, chocolate-y perfection, this is not the recipe for you.

Crockpot hot chocolate is perfect for Christmas and New Year’s parties because you can start it cookin’ and let it sit while you do the rest of your preparations for the evening. Just pour all the ingredients into a medium to large crockpot and let it sit on medium or high, depending on how attentive you can be. If you want it on medium, let it sit for a couple hours before your guests arrive and turn it up when they get there. Stir it occasionally to make sure that the chocolate chips aren’t burning to the bottom. It will separate a little when it sits, that’s normal. This hot chocolate is so rich and creamy. It tastes like the hot chocolate my grandma used to make on the stove in the winter. It’s a perfect low-maintenance, serve yourself warm drink.

Here it is:

1.5 cups heavy cream

1 can sweetened condensed milk

2 cups milk chocolate chips

6 cups milk

1 tsp vanilla extract.

Toss those ingredients as haphazardly as you want into a crockpot and let your guests marvel over your insanely awesome homemade hot chocolate. And don’t tell them it’s from Pinterest.