By Alex Baad

    G’day mates from the land down under: Australia! Australia might be most famous for their kangaroos and koalas but another important part of Australian culture is food. The food in most restaurants is very similar to restaurants in America, but when you go into a convenience store you will probably not know what most of the food is. If you ever decide to visit Australia there are a few Australian foods that you will need to know of before you arrive. The first thing that surprised me the most was chicken-flavored chips and their popularity. One of Australia’s favorite flavors of chips, chicken-flavored chips taste like less intense bouillon cubes. If you are skeptical, stop now. Chicken-flavored chips are simply the best and they have now rivaled sea salt and vinegar chips as my favorite. Now you might be like me and have a pretty sizeable sweet tooth. If that is the case then look no farther than Tim Tams. The best way to describe them is long cookies dipped in chocolate with a chocolate center. Oh and did I mention that they come in all types of amazing flavors including peanut butter, coconut, salted caramel and red velvet. My favorite so far is a tie between the peanut butter (tastes almost like a peanut butter Twix) and red velvet. There are so many different types of Tim Tams that you can never get bored of them and everybody can find at least one flavor that they like. Now unfortunately not all of Australian snacks are good and there is one in particular that rivals any food I have every tasted as being the Worst. Food. Ever. That food is vegemite. The Australians who do eat it usually spread it on a piece of toast, but I had the unfortunate experience of trying half a spoonful as part of a challenge. Not only did it taste like what is left over after brewing bee, but it also tasted like I had dumped an entire shaker of salt in my mouth at once. It was so bad I actually had a gag reflex when I first tasted it. That has literally never happened to me, and when I say literally, I mean literally not figuratively. If you ever go to Australia most likely some Aussie will try and have you taste it just to watch your expression, but unless you want to die a little bit inside, don’t do it. Of course if you ever visit Australia you will probably be looking for the best food Australia has to offer at all of their amazing restaurants, but at least now if someone offers you a Tim Tam you won’t look at them as if they were speaking a foreign language.